Passion to Purpose

Vision and Goals Accompanied by Faith

P assion to Purpose is a leading charge in women's focused issues in communities where we have a strong presence. Leadership, vision, arts, and culture are just a few of the pillars we give focus to on this global platform. Empowering women to dynamically generate and live their authentic best selves around purposeful brand creation. We invite them into a space wherein we motivate visionaries to propel them into success during our two - three day “Passion to Purpose” International Women Conference in New York, Dubai, and Johannesburg, South Africa. What started as a project amongst founder, Jae Scott, blossomed into a business that gives the same focus to women of all ages, encouraging the 20k active and engaged members of the Passion to Purpose community to harness the power within.


O ur objective is to connect women leaders around the globe to build organic relationships that could lead into international collaborations to enhance, build and motivate communities around the world.


E very Endeavor that one starts can be one of significance that changes the course of history. We can inspire others to do the same in the spheres of influence.